G.H. Hat and “Kygo,a” Creating Energy for Charity!

I had slowly dressed for the private benefit which was being held in Glendale, CA. I was obligated to go, but benefits, often slow and a bit ostentatious, have never been particularly my style. Although society requires you stay and socialize, I would much rather make my donation and leave. So I gritted my teeth, “suited up” and drove myself over to this private event, quite determined to make my appearance stay for an excruciating 30 minutes or so and then leave…

As I was handing the keys to the valet, I instantly noticed something different. There was an energy in the air, music aloft that quickly drew me inside and soon to the dance floor. After all I do love to dance…if the music is right.

I arrived late, mostly on purpose, and instantly the music had me slightly regretting my decision – the dance floor was packed and the audience was singing and dancing along. There was an intensity and vivacity so palpable that I quickly found my feet tapping and my body swaying with the vibrant tracks and melodies of each song.

I made my way to the front of dance floor and looked in the direction of the turntables to discover who this DJ was and though I did not know of him before this night (although he has apparently had several hits on the Billboard Dance Club Charts) I discovered to my delight performer/DJ extraordinaire G.H. Hat and his sidekick, “Kygo, a”.

While I didn’t go to this benefit to write a review, and honestly, though a writer, I have never done a music review before, I would have felt grossly remiss if I hadn’t after the performance I witnessed last night.

What a duo! The selection of music they played – G.H. Hat, and “Kygo, a” originals (“Kygo, a” had also had a couple of Billboard Charting hits too) – as well as a mix of old and new dance music, had me head bopping until I couldn’t stand it anymore and went out on the dance floor “a la carte” to do my thing.

G.H. Hat and “Kygo, a” are both technically classified as EDM (electronic dance music) artists, but G.H.Hat ventures into POP and “Kygo, a” ventures into the classical realm. But there is an originality in both of their music that pushes these genres in interesting new directions.

And talk about energy. The energy these two performers exuded – G.H. Behind the equipment and “Kygo, a” out front – had the audience pumping their fists in the air and singing the hook to a variety of old and new favorites.

Needless to say, they gave a performance for the entire audience and turned a night I thought originally was promising polite smiles and awkward exchanges, into a night filled with laughing, dancing and true enjoyment. And of course, the benefit itself was a complete success with jammed packed room of paid attendees.

I was reticent to go home after having enjoyed myself so immensely, but each night has to come to an end. One thing I know for sure, is that I will be at the next G.H. Hat performance and if you are looking for something fresh and innovative that will get you on your feet, you should too.

Kristin Anderson