Sam Beam of Iron & Wine with the Cincinnati Symphony Review – March 22, 2019

This evening was special. It was a very interesting choice; selected Iron & Wine indie folk material backed up with lush symphonic arrangements. At first, I couldn’t imagine it. But to my delight, Iron & Wine, The Cincinnati Symphony and the conductor/arranger David Campbell were on the money! It was special in many ways. First, […]

Music Review: Pauline Frechette’s Song for Michael

By: Katrina Charles Los Angeles-based Pauline Frechette is a seasoned composer, singer, and lyricist who has been making waves in the music industry for years. Frechette has spent her career performing under the moniker Raven Kane, releasing rock albums and performing with such talents as Paul McCartney, Cher, and Neil Diamond. In addition, she has written musicals that […]

Rome Will Burn EP Music Review

Hailing from Los Angeles, the electronic pop duo Rome Will Burn delivers their fiery self-titled debut album that brings the right amount of electric funk and glitz to the table for us all to enjoy. With singer/songwriter Alyssa Suede belting out clean, razor sharp vocals and international DJ/producer Manifesto behind the infectiously catchy production, the […]