Runners face steep challenge on skijump hill

Usually the world’s best ski jumpers race down the hill in Titisee-Neustadt in Germany, but this weekend it was the other way around. More than 600 runners from 28 countries took part in Red Bull’s 400 event in the Black Forest, running up the skijump slope instead of sliding down it.

After a successful premiere last year, the number of participants more than doubled in 2016.

Ahmet Arslan from Turkey managed to reach the finishing line first in the men’s race. He ran up the 140 meter slope in three minutes 40 seconds, with last year’s winner Christian Riedl of Germany second and Thomas Celko from Slovakia third.

Turkey also won the women’s race, Jasmin Can timing 4 minutes 41 seconds.



1. Ahmet Arslan (Turkey) 3minutes 40.1 Seconds

2. Christian Riedl (Germany) 3:43.6

3. Thomas Celko (Slovakia) 3:44.1


1. Jasmin Can (Turkey) 4:41.0

2. Lenka Svabikova (Czech Rep) 5:24.3

3. Egle Uljas (Estonia) 5:42.8

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